golden starflower ring citrine, rembrandt jordan
golden starflower ring citrine, rembrandt jordan
golden starflower ring citrine, rembrandt jordan
Rembrandt Jordan

Golden Starflower ring (19mm stone)

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This sculptural ring is a one of a kind jewel from the Starflower collection, a unique collection of precious stones and jewelery by Rembrandt Jordan.

The unique flowerlike stone cut brings out the intrinsic and extraordinary features of this stone (picture: a 22 carats citrine, untreated, natural colour). The starflower gemstone is cut by hand and set in 18k rose gold Au750. 

You can choose the gemstone and gold colour of your preference to create your own Starflower ring. A few of the options are shown in the images, like amethist set in red gold, citrine set in rose gold, but various combinations are possible. Depending on your preference, we can suggest the ideal gold colour to complete the natural colour of the gemstone and create a beautiful, unique jewel. 

When a Starflower is created, it becomes part of a large cosmic art entity; the Starflower Constellation.

A stellar landscape wherein each Starflower is represented by an imprint of it’s unique star shape in pure 24k gold.

The constellation will be formed by the exact coordinates of each Starflower on Earth. Once every Starflower has found it’s owner, the constellation will be a complete atlas – a star chart bringing together alle the Starflower in one magical celestial formation.

As the owner of a Starflower you thus will also become part of this universal artwork, and receive a certificate with the coordinates of your star in the Starflower Constellation.

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